Did you know a well-made design, can cause the embroidery machine to make a beautiful and detailed outcome?

The design is a big factor in an order for a CAMFive Embroidery machine to create beautiful and stunning work, rather than very unappealing work. A lot of times clients, especially the ones new to embroidery, relate a bad embroider to a faulty machine, in which in some cases they are correct. If the Embroidery Machine is not correctly calibrated (bad timing synchronization, incorrect thread tension, etc.), the embroidery machine will make an unattractive job, however, you can have the best embroidery machine in the world and have everything calibrated correctly and it wouldn’t matter if you have a bad design. The result of a bad design can be caused by simple mistakes, such as applying the fillers incorrectly, not putting enough reinforcement or reinforcing too much, opening the stitching too much or closing them so much that they overlap and end up with excess thread, etc.

Note: Some clients have the perception that the more stitching a design has, the Better it will come out, but sometimes, customers remove most of the stitching from the design in order to save embroider time and thread which causes that the final product comes out non-detailed and unattractive. So, make sure to have the correct amount of stitching, in order for your final product to come out detailed and amazing.