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DEAL - CAMFive EMB HT1502 Double Head Embroidery Machine Basic Package

Special Price $13,999.00 Regular Price $15,147.00

Basic Package: 02 Heads. 15 Colors. Semi-Compact Design

Includes: (Regular Price $ 15,147.00)

  • ✔ Heavy Duty and Ergonomic Rolling Steel Stand (Store Price $ 750.00)
  • ✔ One on One On-Site All-Inclusive 2 Days Installation and Training (Price $ 2,199.00)
  • ✔ 2000VA Voltage Regulator (Store Price $ 199.00)

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Description Machine

02 Heads Commercial Embroidery Machine. This machine is ideal for small businesses whose focus is personalization and promotions. Not only perform on conventional flat surfaces (fabrics, towels, blankets and unassembled clothing pieces) you can also embroider beautiful designs in hats, t-shirts, jackets and other garments. Works 24 hours a day!.  Schedule a Virtual or In-Person Demo.

Our HT1502 Includes: (Regular Price $ 15,147.00)

  • Heavy Duty and Ergonomic Rolling Steel Stand (Store Price $ 750.00)
  • One on One On-Site All-Inclusive 2 Days Installation and Training (Price $ 2,199.00)
  • 2000VA Voltage Regulator (Store Price $ 199.00)
  • 15 NEEDLES OR COLORS (12 Needles Available).
  • TOUCH SCREEN HD LCD 8" Dahao Control Panel - Humanized design for perfect operation experience.
  • 100 MILLION STITCHES of memory capacity.
  • INSTANT PUNCH Ideal for embroidery names, letters, numbers or words. Just typing from the LCD panel, choose the size and font, add some special effect and be ready for embroidery quickly and with excellent definition.
  • THE PATTERN REPEATS CYCLICALLY Embroiders without stopping, makes multiple repetitions in X and Y using all orderly spaces, ideal for emblems, coats and pants pockets.
  • DESIGN EDITION ON PANEL Availability to edit, combine, and separate designs on the control panel.
  • DESIGN PREVIEW Before embroidering a new design for the first time you can perform a motion test of the embroidery process without a stitch being made. This helps to verify that the design will be embroidered in the desired location of the garment, as well as to verify that the design is not too large for the selected hoop or frame. This not only avoids ruining valuable garments, materials or loss of time but also ensures that there is proper clearance between the hoop, needles and frame arm to avoid collision and damage.
  • STANDARD USB PORT Keeping up with the standards of the computer industry. Our CAMFive accepts USB Flash Memory. (Wireless Options Available).
  • KOBAN JAPANESE Rotary Hooks.
  • 270° WIDE Angle cap system.
  • MECHANICAL PARTS MANUFACTURED WITH "CNC" Our CAMFive machines have been built with our industrial-grade system and built under our CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) standards & tolerances, using strict manufacturing processes that guarantee maximum stability and minimum wear and tear of its components throughout its lifetime.
  • TOOLS BOX, BASIC SPARE PARTS Y THREAD WINDER A complete tool kit is provided to perform preventive maintenance. This kit also includes spare parts, bobbin winder.
  • ANTI-STATIC "PIPELINE" thread tension bases with tubes.
  • AUTOMATIC THREAD CUTTER and break detectors
  • SAFETY DEVICES ( EMERGENCY BUTTON AND SECURITY SENSORS ) Electronic break detection is implemented on top and bottom thread, it has an emergency stop button, area limit sensors, position, and more. CAMFive embroidery machines maintain high standards and production quality, coming equipped with an effective safety system which is one of the best in the industry. Our equipment complies with ISO security norms and codes.
  • MANUALS AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS An Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals and instructional videos that contains clear explanations of the Installation process and the usage of the software, the control panel, and other features. (For machines only).
  • Call Us:  FL (407) 851 5525  /  CA (626) 855 4515



Embroidery Area 22" x 14" (56x36cm) You can use this working area with the sash frame
Speed Up to 1200 spm (Recommended for 1,000 spm)
Supported Formats EMB, DST, DSB, DSZ Among many more standard design formats 
Machine Dimensions Wide: 56" (1.42 mts), Deep: 30" (0.76 mts), High: 63" (1.60 mts). Dimensions are included an installed worktable and thread castle.
Machine Weight 420 Pounds (190 kg) Crate: 723 Pounds
Main Motor and Drive Motor Induction Motor and Electronic Driver
Square Back Hoops (For Jackets) 4 ( 11.81" x 11.81").
Front Hoops 16 ( 4 x 3.54", 4 x 4.33", 4 x 5.90", 4 x 8.27") 
Cap Assembler Station Snap in and Snap out cap change device
Cap Frame's driver 2 (270° Wide Angle).
Cap Frame 4 adjustable
Sash Frame Included. 
Connection Port USB (Wireless Option Available)
Working Voltage 220V 50 - 60 Ghz (110V Available)
Power Consumption 750 W.
Operation Temperature 5°C - 30°C
Manuals Installation, Operation and Maintenance (Digital file or printed).
Thread Winder Device Included with stop sensor
Warranty  5 Years Limited
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